Book You tan

The official competition partner Pro Tan will provide professional make-up services during the events "ROYAL COMBAT"  in Latvia & "Power of the Knight" in Lithuania regional qualifier shows:

2024 April 20th 

September 22nd

Tattoo- & Scar Cover up € 50.00

2 layers (base + top) + stage finish & touch up € 100.00

V.I.P. Tanning Service (unlimited layers and stage finish) € 125.00

We provide PRETANNING 1 day before the show. We will inform you about the location and time when we send the 'schedule email'. If you book V.I.P. tanning service, you will get 1 or 2 base layers at the pretanning and 1 or 2 top layers on the day of the show, as you prefer.


Lubricating creams are not allowed to be used in the competition, athletes who have applied make-up and oils will not be allowed to go on stage. A competition official will check that the make-up complies with the above information, in case of non-compliance, the athlete will have to wash off the make-up and apply make-up that meets the requirements of the competition before going on stage.

It is forbidden to use your own tan and to tan in the venue or hotel!